Posted by: whatsyrproblem | June 8, 2009

Whats Mine is Mine.

“You won’t know anything about it, your stupid dog won’t know”

“Your family won’t ever find you”

I’m on the floor at the moment have been for the last hour or so, I got hit so hard by some kind of energy before, infra sound or something.  It boinged right through my head and made my brain shake inside my head. The above is what was said to me by a very sick pathetic individual by V2K. (the room is actually spinning on me at the moment). This is happening every day now.  Tonights attack was very severe though. I gather from what was said by the above. One of these pathetic sluts, am sorry no other possible word for it, Fifi, (whats she think she is a french poode, its actually one breed of dog I never liked very much, always looked a bit on the queer side to me, so guess the name fits her).

Just after I got hit got a message “its all for verity??” then when I opened wordpress to get into my blog the featured blog on opening page wasThe Sable Verity     kind of strange. Never been into that blog. And nothings for Verity, everything of mine is  mine.  (I am tasting blood at the moment, my dog vomitted this morning, there was blood in his vomit. So obviously they got him through the early hours of the morning.


Oh and another one was “I’ve already dug your hole” and “I’ll move out when your dead”. Sick.


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