Posted by: whatsyrproblem | June 29, 2009


This was said to me one night quite some time ago. And believe me since then it has been hard to be in anywhere.  Or be in anything.

Another time after I was forced to live on the streets, after being forced out of my home, they came out with “He’s a multiple offender”. Never been a he, maybe I should shave my head and act butch.  Oh and by the way “What am I a multiple offender of you bloody pig”? Sick degenarate. Stop covering your own bloody filth.

I have been hit so bad by something every thing is going so quite,  every day now is getting harder to fight to stay alive with these gangstalking pieces of trash. It is murder straight forward. NOTHING ELSE.  There has also been a high pitched whine going on here, its just stopped. Quite often get this, and also one that bounces your brain around like anything, this will be the one my poor dog constantly shakes his ears at and vomits all the time also.  CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Whats wrong with the fucking laws in our country that nothing is done about this?  Oh besides lock the bloody victims away. What a SWEET life for criminals in this country.

The idiot is back at the computer again, a decade of shit with my telephones from bloody telecom and now the computer. And did telecom ever do anything about it?? NO!!!!!!

They said to me over West “You’ll never have a telephone, you’ll never have internet”.  This was said V2K or voice to skull as they call it.  WHY???   Fuck, I’d be better of being a bloody pedophile than someone who trod on someone’s pathetic stupid little toe.  I hope you break your bloody legs.

Every where I have been they have come out with some shit along the lines of “We don’t want your type here”.  MY TYPE?  Sorry, if you don’t want my type here I shudder to think of what type you want any where, I really do.  You want a world full of your fucking type. Stand over fwits and gangstalking idiots?  Sure says a lot about YOUR type doesn’t it? The last one they used was “We don’t want any artists here either”. This after putting some of my work online to sell.

So yeah, I definately can work out exactly what types you want any where. God help Australia.


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