Posted by: whatsyrproblem | July 16, 2009

“Your Fu**ing Dead Bitch”.

I had this boomed at me last night, I sent a couple of letters away regarding all the harassment etc, last night was absolutely shocking and today when I went out the back got hit so hard by something I couldn’t see for awhile, I went to the shop, but had to just put the money in the mans hand to take the correct amount, as I couldn’t see it.  A short while ago sitting at the computer I felt the top of my head burning, and have been tasting blood again, just after got told “We’ve got the technology to put you in the grave”.  So now they not only have the technology to put us to sleep so we never wake up, but they also have the technology to put us in the grave?

Whats the fucking difference you imbecile? I know with what you’ve been doing you’ve got whatever you bloody want to do anything, but I don’t grovel up your arse. Your a bloody cheap coward.

To do any of my art I have a corner in the room on the floor which I have been pushed into, I was kept off my computer most of  last night.  But she did say “Now I keep you away from your art as well”. Wow it must be so pathetic to have absolutely NO talent or brains whatsoever. One would be bad enough, but both? I truly feel sorry for IT, and its pathetic partner.

Its 4.49pm and what has been allowed to be done today? Wow, got to mow a fraction of the lawn, the washing is in process, bought one lot in, and went to the shop. Are we supposed to bow to them for that?  Hardly.

Because I sent a couple of letters away somewhere, she said “I’ve got 24 hours to work you”.  And boy someone must be bloody desperate.



  1. How are you? 24/7 torturing is extremely terrible. I hope perps will let you alone for recovering. Recent days, I read a news on AP that U.S Attorney General Eric Holder considering torture probe. I forwarded to my friend but I do not have your email. This is the link of news: I wonder that you are in Australia. I am afraid of perpetrators maybe connect together or other perps did your perps could do. I am under attacking, torturing and being terrorizing financial business. I posted my daily recording to twitter and sent some letters to Human Rights organization including AG Eric Holder for my case.

  2. Hi Khan lovely to hear from you again, am glad you are getting those things done. PLease take care.

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