Posted by: whatsyrproblem | October 3, 2009

Fumigating People?

Not long ago there was the strongest smell through my home, I had to go outside and put my dog there also. There was no way you could stay inside. I couldn’t breathe, my lungs hurt and I started shaking.  Their feedback to go with this was  as below. “You’re not moving, you’re not staying here, you’re just staying here to die”.

“I’ll move out when your dead”.  “I want to watch it go all through your body”.  Disgusting pieces of SCUM.

 “Jude you cant beat us we’re too many, weve got them every where ”  “I said I’d wizz you out of here you fucking slut, I wonder what I gave you.”   ( she says dont take the cops on again they dont like it, are you dead yet you pig.) What is wizz? I mean I know what a SLUT  is, exactly who it came from.  But Wizz?  What’s bloody wizz, the only time I have heard that name before was when someone who used to be on drugs said it. Is it a particular drug?   Just now “THAT’S JUST A WARNING BITCH.”  BITCH?  BITCH, really, of course I’m a bloody bitch, I clean my house, look after my dog, work at my art,  mind my own business,  expose filth, so yeah, I’m a bloody 60 year old bitch. Not interested in your bloody drugs, booze, or filth, keeping you, your pathetic “marry me, marry me” repeated over and over, or anything else to do with you.  Makes me a bitch? Proud to be one. Oh, and apparently they all have “bluetooth”. How modern.

Over the last couple of weeks in particular, there has been a very strong chemical taste in here nearly all the time, every time this happens, bugs come running up from under the floor boards, there is a gap between the floor and skirting boards which leads to ne100_3962xt door.  They even run up the computer, they also bite. Spiders, etc, It tastes like insecticide, makes your heart fibrilate, dizzy, headaches and incredible weakness. My dog has been sick from this also, the other night he was choking again from it. I know over the last few days has been incredibly intense. Yesterday every single time I got up to walk  my heart started to play up from this. I wanted to go to the mail box one time but just looked at it and knew I wouldn’t make it then, so had to leave it til later.  Early this morning I heard from somewhere “finish her off”.  I also have on video tape “Kill her”.   I live by myself so it wasn’t anyone with me saying it, but they couldn’t have been very far away for the camera to pick it up.

According to them “We have the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake again”.  Jeez your threats really do it for you don’t they, – breathing heavy? ?



  1. I think you need more than fumigation,try the “emergency ward”and ask for psychiatric. Good Luck

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