Posted by: whatsyrproblem | October 17, 2009

Hackers and Gangstalking Trash.

About three weeks ago, they stole one of my email addresses, I was lucky I got it back after 3 days. About a week after that I got an email from paypal that there were a few computers connected to my IP address and trying to log into my paypal account.  A few days after that, they said “Targets can’t make any money”. The next  day my computer was crashed. Nothing on it, they removed  my windows and all. I got the computer back from the technician a few days ago, to use it is bloody unreal, it reminds me of my phone services years ago, non bloody existant. While the computer was away, the phone was also attacked again, there was no dial tone on it.  My ebay account as a seller for my miniatures, art, since being hacked and crashed is also non-existent.  I was building up a following, and coasting along ok, since that day, nothing.

Targets can’t make money?  Who the fuck do these inbred idiots think they are, go eat with your toes.

Since 1986, this pathetic “dirtbag” to send it back to the right place, has been on my phone services and now internet connection.  Must be so good to be able to do this and neither telecom or the police will do anything about you. Wow, what do you do to be able to get away with  this?  Must be cheap,  whatever. So glad the rest of the public doesn’t have to sink to your level also.

Whats the dirty little secret? What do we have to do to be able to get away with it and NO repraisal, besides being a filthy little gangstalker?  No,  even if I can’t get anything done within the law, don’t want your way.

You torture animals, kill people, and bloody get away with it,  What happened to this country.


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