Posted by: whatsyrproblem | October 18, 2009

Your Not Moving, Your Not Staying Here, Just lay down and Die.

Their feedback to me. How dare they, disgusting filth of the earth. This came after I was looking at rental accomodations around Australia on my computer.  Its only been a few days since they totally crashed my computer, and stuffed around with my phone also.

Its just after 3am, at about 2.51 am, I heard a noise in the ceiling, about half a minute after that started to have trouble breathing and my hands and feet started to swell, then heard the usual footsteps from no 16, next door,  going down the passage the taste is like insecticides.  Their will be bugs running around soon, there always is not long after this.

Going back a few days ago I was out weeding my lawn, when the neighbour from next door came home with a friend of hers, as they walked from the car to their door the friend says to her as she looks my way “Have you got someone up your bum”.   I feel very sorry for her if thats the case and really feel she should seek some kind of medical treatment, as is a nasty way to spread aids,  but besides that,  I don’t ask anyone if I can sit in my own front yard.  I put that on for a reason, not long after the above was done at 2.50  got “I’m going to come and f**k  you up the b*m.”  and “Got you good that time you slut”.  How totally cheap and vulgar this kind of trash is.  As for being a slut? I don’t  have different men sleeping at my place week on week off.  Take a plane ride somewhere else, preferably somewhere radical.  Yes they will definately know what I mean by that.  While your at it honey give him a hug and put him on a diet, he could really use it.



  1. Hello my friend, i wont use your name i hope your ok i used your link from youtube 🙂

    I am now earning a little money though im not holding my breath, i have been thinking how can i make my chances better for the long run and think i have it, i cannot put it all here but if you email me so i know you wish to find out more i will let you know how we could possibly make a good deal of money, i have started small but it works well and can get as big as we wish but its best to be safe and not draw attention, and please give this email to any other person who you trust who wants to put money in thier pockets, you know how difficult the nazis make it for us so i hope you could understand this is good and can be better with the help of people i can trust such as people like ourselves, please cut and paste to keep this comment or delete it if you can once you have read it thank-you 🙂 i cant access youtube but theirs a pretty rude video i was mind abused into favouring, its a sewer monster but it looks like a shit perp if you ask me :D.

  2. Hi Ben so glad your ok, been pretty bad here. Left a message through youtube, I hope you got it.

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