Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 25, 2009

On Being Forced Out of My Home.

I am trying to stay in my home tonight it is nearly impossible, I can’t breathe, my hands and feet are swelling, and there is definite chemical taste. I have spent most of the night either out the front or the back.  Its now 3.30am, my throat feels like it constricting. I am not claustrophobic or having a panic attack, this is on lately every night. The attacks are now non-stop.  The taste in my mouth now is unreal, and my tongue and mouth have gone furry.

Going back months ago they said “Ping the Bitch Out of There”. I haven’t gone, it is my home. After that they said “We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that”.  Very hard to…  When you can’t breathe.  

I sat out the back with my dog for awhile, and saw twice a light flash across the tree in the back yard, a very thin laser light.  This is nothing unusual though and I have taken many photos and videos of them.  I remember reading a blog by E-abuse, the last blog she put on was, she couldn’t breathe, I know how she felt, I haven’t seen any more blogs from her since, this is quite a long time ago, I only hope she is ok, but I wonder.  I will have to go out again and sit outside with my dog again, it is unreal in here.  Pretty disgusting for him also.

The other night I looked through some rental properties later that night when nearly asleep I got “You’re not moving,  you’re not staying here, you’re just going to lay down and die”.  Just who the hell do they think they are. There was a clunk in the wall not long ago, and something has been turned off. It is a bit easier to stay inside now.  I have recorded these noises, clicks and clunks they are on video.



  1. Hang in there im living in brisbane been looking for other australian victims to correspond with.Always remember your being harrassed by evil not flesh and blood.e

  2. Hi Stan, thanks for visiting and your comment, but my harassers are definately 2 legged b’s. They sure like working with eveil though. They have been using pesticides lately to get me out, I have seen it squirted right across the back and front yards. High pressure squirt guns.

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