Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 1, 2010

Continuing Harassment.

I have put these 3 photos on.  And will explain each one.

The first is of a list of phone numbers that used to get programmed up on my phone,  This happened different days, and the phone harassment that went with it was unbelievable.  Some are different days, but they are all the same phone numbers with just the last two digits changed, running in sequence.  If you rang any of those numbers back you got a recorded mesage saying the number you have rung is not connected. The list shows numbers from different areas of West Australia.  One day in my unit I said softly “You’ve driven me half way round the bend why don’t you finish it” Within half a minute my phone started ringing, and rang non-stop for the next 24 hours, just ring ring stop, over and over. It rang over 200 times, but no number showed up on the caller id.

I used to wonder why a couple of people I knew in W.A. would say to me when leaving I’ll leave you with your telecom man. And someone else “I’m suprised anyone can get through on your phones”.  Quite often they would laugh at the radio.  Funny radio that one, it used to change the stations by itself and then if you said what station do you want it would change back again. 

 Next to it is a couple of parking tickets, this was part of my collection when I moved to South Aust. to try and get away from the harassment.  I was stalked out of my home in W.A.  Thought it may be different in S.A.   I was living in the street then, I had tried getting some where to live but a couple of times when I did, and rang them back to verify it, their whole attitude had changed and the place all of a sudden was not available. Even though being told it was mine. I had heaps of these from every where I parked.  Tow away notices were continually being stuck on my vehicle, where no other vehicle near mine had them.  I was parked legally every time.  One place was free 24 hours parking, once again I got tow away notices from there also.  I ended up with about a dozen of these, it didn’t matter where I went. It didn’t take long. Even when I finally got a home, I had my bus parked out the front of it, in a street that was fully parking for the tennants who lived in it, I got a tow away notice stuck on it.  It was my parking out the front.  Not one council sign was in that street at all about parking.  

The piece of paper with the phone numbers on it, I travelled from W.A. to S.A.  and quite often coming over kept getting “I want that piece of paper, I want that piece of paper”  My phone once again over the last week or so is programmed to only ring 3 times again. Then it cuts out. I put up with years and years of this in W.A. and now we are on this game again.

The third photo is of the power/telecom  poles across the road, for some wierd reason when I walk out the front and look at them when I come back inside I get walloped by something that knocks me flying. Very strange because also when I drive past these I get 2 clicks in my car.  Very quick  click click, there are another 2 just further down the road the opposite direction, that I also get 2 clicks from in my car also.  Why in the bloody hell should I be getting clicks in my bloody car when going past these two separate power poles?  Stinks of stalking to me. Is this where the main harassment is coming from, is this where they are running it from.  It seems something is aimed at my house non stop.  I went out the front a few days ago again and when came in got “Show your face outside again and your dead”.    How bloody dare they.  Another time “Where did she get her energy from” just after walking inside got walloped again.   Their is a constant hissing in my home all the time, she said she is going to turn it on every time I start to do something, she also said she has a remote?   I know for a fact there is something in my ceiling, but each time I have tried to get up there get knocked flying also. I also know that if I turn my computer off and start shifting it to another room, straight away the hissing stops in the room I was in, and starts in the other one a minute or two later.  Hissing non stop, they said to me they will drive me crazy with it, and I will go crazy before I die.

Lately we are also back to the computer interference as well, it keeps getting turned off usually when I am half way through something.

I was trying to work out exactly when my trouble with the phone started, I thought it was 1986, but it could have been 1984, I rang a lawyer one day in an emergency, actually he was a Queens Council.  When the phone got answered the person said they were the cleaner, and could they take a message the person I wanted was out, his name was Bernie.  This was total bullshit, as I know of this Q.C. from a couple of other people and the cleaner definately did not answer the phone, he had secretaries who did that.  So Bernie the CLEANER answers the Q.C.’s phone number hey. Crap.  Wonder what else Bernie thinks he does.

When I came over here I had said to me “He had you for long enough now your mine you Little runt”, this was a female.  I’m no ones, I belong to my bloody self.  I haven’t ever been put up for auction or sold my bloody self  as a slave or anything else. Your delusional.

One time when I rang Telecom in W.A. the woman who answered the phone said you’ve had your phone off the hook, and it interferes with 20 other phones in the area. What a lot of bull, the phone had never been off the hook, and why in the hell should it interfere with 20 other phones.    Another time as I walked past it I sang to it Talk to me you never talk to me, as It hadn’t rung for over a day, which was very unusual. Straight away it rang and a female, probably the same one, said I want t0 talk to “—-”  I said she’s not here, and she answered “Oh I know she’s there.”


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