Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 12, 2010

The Rat that Thinks She’s a Cat.

I haven’t blogged  for awhile, I had to walk out of my home and leave nearly everything I had. What I could put in my car was what I took with me.  Which isn’t a lot when compared with what I had got for it in the time I was there.

Being on a pension its heartbreaking to have to do it.  As takes a long time to replace.   Must take pretty BRAVE people to do the shit they do, hey.

I managed to bring some of my art gear with me, but had to leave some also.

I lived in my car the first week, but the harassment didn’t completely stop, although after the first day was better. The last few weeks have been at a van park. About a week ago they said “Its all back on again, you were run out of town”. When the f/wit gives a bloody reason guess we’ll all know. But yes, its all back on again. Really is.  She also said “I’m taking your dog away from you”.  Why, you think you both look that much alike you’d be twins? Sorry he’s too bloody good looking for you. Don’t want him scared like that.

Well I got wireless internet, handy if you have to travel around.  With it comes an email address and a free blog with Telstra, but gee it would be good if either bloody one worked. The email inbox takes well over a minute to open, then at least another if you click on one to open, frustrating. The blog you can set up, but you just can’t bloody blog on it, what else is new, had phones with them for over a decade you couldn’t bloody use either.  Still pay for them though. So for the last 2 days have been trying to have a blog, hahaha, I am actually laughing, as really should have known hey? Sent them an email which took quite a few tries, kept getting internal error, another laugh, finally got one through and they’ll contact me in 2 days.  Got to say its good having a laugh while being tortured etc. Now getting flashes through the van, and the other night she said “I’m playing lasers with you”,  just as a flash of light went right through the van.  Now “the slut” (sorry people) wants to take my dog.  She also said to me  “You can die one of three ways, lasered, chemically, or electronically”  I swear this is true. I call her that because really there is no other description fitting for a lowlife piece of shit like this one. And that to me is one of the lowest names on earth.  I think she thinks she’s a pussycat, more like a rat. Hate rats, they’re repulsive creatures.

Today she said “I’m going for your eyes now”. This is because I’ve started doing my art again. Obviously no talent.



  1. Are you the same person as ‘Aussietargetted?’ I tried to look at your old blog and it gave me the ‘this blog is private’ message. That makes sense now that I see that you’ve been forced to move out of your house and leave everything.

  2. Hi pardar2x-

    I was very concerned about you, and left a messge on your youtube account, then I saw this link to your blog. How are you doing? I am very sorry to hear about you being forced to leave your home, but unfortunately that is a MAJOR part of their modus operandi (especially if you own it/are buying it, and have done work on it).

    I have been dealing with increased attacks, too (as well as my children).
    The attcks/perps are SO obvious (they walk around smirking ALL of the time), but they WILL pay in the end….
    This is a GREAT blog, and I hope to hear from you soon, take care…

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