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On Stalking and Harassment 2

Well it seems since I put the Vodaphone ISP numbers and the other  telecom phone numbers on the blog my computer has slowed down to an unbelievable crawl, since Thursday the 19th quite past the joke.  I’m actually downloading a file now, with speed of 4 kbps. Will take about 3 hours for 38mb. Pretty ridiculous.

We pay for this service,  so I think when we are slowed to a crawl, there should be a great reduction in what we have to pay, because there sure as hell is an increase to pay if they say we go over. And they sure as hell make sure they get there money quickly. Vodafone  say it has been passed on to the technician last Thursday and they will look at it, its now Sunday, so I wonder what day, week or month they will get to it.

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Gangstalking Australia – Attacked in car.

Thursday I had an appointment at the doctors, as per usual any time I have an appointment anywhere it is made nearly impossible to keep it.  Lord help if I kept them like normal people do, say the first one.  No its usually a couple of appointments made first and cancelled and then say a prayer you can get there. No, no exaggeration. It used to be gastric I was given EVERY single time, now its different methods, because you can buy imodium to take and STOP that. The flash inside the car is what came flying through the car at me, exactly the same as what I get from out the back at home, Oh and my dog gets also. He nearly had a heart attack one day from this. They knock you flying.  Numbness, tingling, eyes burning, mouth and lips numb, headaches, electric shocks,  etc etc. The other photo they seemed to be coming back from the car in front somehow. You can see in the photo where it is on the tyre, or wheel. These are taken from a video I have, which was going to go on you tube, but its too long, My computer has been stuffed with so I can’t cut and make into two parts. My windows movie maker has also been comprimised so can’t use it. Nothing unusual.  Because if I can use it can put more on which exposes them further, and  good heavens you don’t want to expose murder or attempted murder. You just let the fuckers get away with it. That is definately not the only projectile to fly through the car, there were a whole heap of them,  and I had to pull over a couple of times, felt so sick, dizzy and my head was burning. The last appointment to go to the doctors was identical in every way, except they started earlier this time, at home before I left. Last time all I got at home was “C*nts coming out C*nts coming out”.  and then it was on outside. I shall once again have to get a computer technician to come out and fix the computer again, getting to be a regular thing, and its not the only computer I have had, or needed someone to get it going properly again. Absolutely no different from my phone services. How many fucking reasons do they need this time, 7-8.  Oh sorry they don’t, that was telecom that needed that many. No difference now though.

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“Don’t worry she’ll soon be out of our hair”.

That was said quite some time ago.  I was just sitting here and thinking of the different things I have had stolen from me at different times, since this harassment started years ago. These weren’t all taken at the one time, but spread over time. When I look at the list, there’s quite a lot of personal  things taken.

Birth certificate

Telecom papers

Rego papers


Hbf etc

My Certificates and Diplomas

Email addy

Keys car

My readings

Store Credit card

Divorce Papers

My rent book from one place I lived.

The telecom papers and the rego papers were actually taken from inside my unit and returned a few days later, including the muddy footprints they left on the loungeroom  carpet to go with the return of the things. The other things I never got back. When you stop and think about it, its a lot of personal papers etc, that someone had got. 

I don’t walk around with a gag on my mouth for any ones threats. A little while ago got some more video footage of their bloody laser use,  just after this got  “go and make one bitch, and we’ll have a laser party”. No, would much rather see them in bloody court. And am sure a “tupperware party” would be right up their alley, and they know what I mean by that.

Last night I was watching some art videos on the computer, when I get “I don’t want to watch them anymore,” straight away the video stopped, after that it was back to the usual stopping every 3 seconds, and thats how I had to watch them, til I thought to hell with this and turned it off. I have a list of ISP numbers, that come  on alternately every time I turn my computer on. All from the same suburb, and ISP provider.  Hacking. Same as my phones before.

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Did they say no to?  And others like me?  My type?   What’s your bloody type mate, an overstuffed egotistical maniac.  I actually shudder to think what your bloody type is, because if thats the type that can have people put away, and labelled,  for nothing “Lord”  help the bloody world, and the people in it.  I mean you’ve had 3 members of my family, not quite enough???  Genocide comes in many forms doesn’t it. Get a new punching bag.  Hey, how about a few of your fucking own, actual real bloody candidates. Because if you spawned them they would sure bloody need it.  Too much inbreeding I’d say.

My father died in his 50’s, my brother died in his 50’s, and they say to me “Your supposed to be dead by now”. Yep, I’m in my 50″s, well just for now anyway. I’m going to do my washing and CLEANING.  Already had MY daily shower, had yours, still wouldn’t make you clean would it? I put that because their synthetic telepathy the other day.. “Have a shower and die clean you bitch”. Now the cyberstalking little freak is playing with the mouse, pulling it the other way to what I want. These three photos, one in my room when it was mostly ok, the second one you can see the bloody energy in the same room,  what does this energy do to you? Have a think about it. The third is of what I have to sit with on my head at times, yes some can laugh, til it happens to you. For a long time I didn’t know, and used to have sores and scabs on the top of my head,  burns.  Now I DO know. And believe me, if I have to sit with my “pedophiles” hat on as they say, I will. But next time you  bloody harlot, try it on your own and then things WOULD  be correct hey.  Women are pedophiles? In your bloody dreams schizo. Oh I forgot the Burnies were weren’t they, in England many years ago.  So guess am wrong on that one.  My mistake, but am sure they are few and far between.  Oh, and another thing when it comes to pedophiles Darl, you ought to know about them first hand.

Have you ever seen your dog dance while he’s trying to eat a bone?  Aren’t they fucking funny. I walked out one day after I had given my dog a bone to eat, and he was trying to eat it, at the same time both his back legs alternating shaking them. The poor bloody thing. He was being lasered or fucking tasered, yes you can build your own, and they don’t have to have the projectiles attached to them. And lasers DO burn, its amazing how many things you can cut through with them or set on fire. Just look up on you tube.  I have had my eyes burnt while driving and had to pull over til the smarting and burning stopped.

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These two photos are taken in my computer room tonight. Maybe the rooms having a panic attack. The red colour is not the colour of my room at all, get these flashes through here all the time. The other photo shows the surplus bloody energy in the room, this taken from a vid I took tonight. My head is burning, and my eyes and mouth.  Maybe the whole house is having a fucking anxiety attack. Or a bit of microwave allergy maybe. Or haven’t I ” learned my lesson” as they said before.  Normal photos?  Not on your bloody Nelly, this is whats happening in my house, or any fucking house I live in.  It is meant to drive you out. It is meant to say hey, your crazy and I’m not.  As for watching T.V.  well.  She said “I’m going to keep you away from the T.V.”  Pray tell is this how they do it, looks a pretty good bloody way to me. So now its denial of fucking T.V. also?  My dog loves T.V. but has to walk away from it all the time, no bloody wonder.  Hey do I have to ask to use the fucking toilet also?  Better not ask that they may booby trap it.

Oh whoops, am I getting angry here. Well fuck, wouldn’t you?

I was told “You can’t paint if your blind”. Well, aren’t I blind enough for you yet you harlot. I had the most unbelievable eyesight of anyone I have ever known, and that is not a lie.  Now, I put magnifying glasses on to eat. I’ve been doing a bit of painting the last couple of nights, and wow, has it been on. Another reason for that, I might, just might, make some money from my paintings. And its something I love.  If you want to see some photos of  lasers being used into my home just check back on previous posts.  Just click on  photos to enlarge.excess-power

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On Stalking and Harassment.

The phone numbers  on the piece of paper are from 1999, this is what was programmed up on my phone day after day, if you tried to ring anyof these phone numbers back you got the disconnected  signal. This is the kind of harassment that went on day after day.  This or disconnecting the phone every day, day after day. This is what I was labelled with a mental illness over. Delusional and paranoid and imagining all this. BULLSHIT… I have kept this piece of paper for 10 years.

Now it seems to be that I have another  form of harassment on another blog I have. The minute I sign into it someone else visits exactly the same time. EVERY single time. It’s happened too many times for it to be co-incidence.  I have had a cyberstalker which I have written about many times before, and this to me stinks of cyberstalking. I took a photo of the ISP  numbers and where they were from. Its very similar to the list of phone numbers above, all the same except the last one, two or three digits all from the same suburb and all the same Internet Providers. Vodafone, all from Chatswood N.S.W. There can be no visitors to my blog all day, but soon as I sign in presto, immediately. Co-incidence?

You see the harassment from the phone to the internet has never ended, not for decades with the phone, and now for the last couple of years with the internet.

Yesterday I also put on  you tube (pardar2x) a video showing a projectile being projected right at my room, the path it came from was easy to follow, from right behind this room.  All you have to do is go over the vid frame by frame and you can see it. Very clearly. When you get hit by these you know it, and so does my fucking dog.

I have just been hit so badly by something I am limping when I walk, just before I got hit got “Hey bitchy, bitchy, I’m calling you out, come out”.  My eyes are burning and hurting so badly. The other day they said “When they’re nearly at the end is when they go out and start following them”.

Today is a long weekend here its Adelaide Cup day, looking back on past posts here you will see that I spent Melbourne Cup day sitting outside the Vets with my dog, he nearly had a heart attack.

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Some Interesting Info on Schizophrenia and Mental Health.

ph-numbJust looking  through a few sites and found a few different articles I found interesting.

An article on people under mental health.  Australian article.

Norman Swan:
What are the key findings?

D’Arcy Holman: First of all, people who are using mental health services have a life expectancy in their 50s.

Norman Swan: Their life expectancy is in their 50s?

D’Arcy Holman: That is correct, yes.

Norman Swan: So you would have lived to somewhere between 50 and 60 years old as opposed to 79 or 82?

D’Arcy Holman: That’s right, on average. That means that their death rate is about 2-1/2 times the rest of the population, which is a very large difference. I mean that’s the sort of difference between Australia and a Third World country for example.



By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY

Adults with serious mental illness treated in public systems die about 25 years earlier than Americans overall, a gap that’s widened since the early ’90s when major mental disorders cut life spans by 10 to 15 years, according to a report due Monday.


People with serious mental illness die at age 51, on average, compared with age 76.

Interesting that now its 25 years earlier and not 10-15 years as was at a much earlier date, and they say they have made breakthroughs in treatment and medication?  This kinda says quite the opposite.

No medical tests for schizophrenia exist.

Over a 10-year period, 39 out of 88 patient on antipsychotic drugs died. Reduced survival was associated with the administration of two or more neuroleptics at the same time, and time since withdrawal of antipsychotics (over time, patients kept on drugs became burdened with chronic physical illness, so much so that it replaced the “psychiatric disorder as the primary focus of medical care.”) The final pathway to early death was global medical decline and death from respiratory illness.

And what about the side effects from the medication they give people, does the REAL truth of that ever come out?  Billion dollar industry.

Just a few interesting snippets.

The above photo is of a list of numbers. This was written  10 years ago. It is the original paper written on. This was just one day of harassment on my phone. This is the sort of thing I was classified as having a mental problem over.  These numbers were programmed up on my phone on a daily basis, nearly all the numbers are the same, only the last digit or 2 last digits are different. They run in sequence. If you tried to ring any of these numbers back you only got the disconnected signal. Harassment, this was only one form of it. The harassment continued on for years, and is now continuing on with the computer all the time. Some of the smart comments I have had left on here and another blog,  the pattern is the same, identical, with the IP addresses, running in sequence. And they sure seem to know both the blogs belong to me. Stalking.  When does the person doing the stalking get classified with the mental illness and not the bloody victim??? I ended up with 3 phones, and it didn’t make a scrap of difference. Each one was interferred with simultaneously.  I moved interstate, and the same thing happened with my telephone after I moved.  Different name to. I invite you to look at you tube under user pardar2x.  To see other forms of harassment, etc.

One time in my unit I said to myself? By myself, You’ve driven me half way round the bend why don’t you finish it off. Within half a minute my phone started ringing, and rang non-stop over 200 times in the next day and half, just ring ring stop, on and on.  For what reason this? None.

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Attempted cruelty to animal or to kill the animal.

tv-1Well looks like the fourth lot of new tennants to move in adjoining me, in as many months. Do these ones want to play in the fucking roof through the night also.  Or stand out the front of my fence at night and say  “Is she in there, is the slut in there?”.  I caught that on video, plus them shining a light or laser at my place, and then their door closed. Was also on tape.  I couldn’t believe it the next time I went to edit the tape and it was gone. GONE.  Am pretty certain made a copy of it, but have to go through a lot of cd roms to check.  What is amazing about that is when I lived in unit 2/2 in Perth, years ago, the ones next door stood out the front of my place in the daytime on two separate occasions, and said “Is HE in there, is he by himself, is so we’ll go for a walk”.  And then at a later date, in another state when I was in my vehicle out the front of a boarding house I lived they would drive past, and yell “Is he in there, is he working.”  and take off. Then return a few more times. They returned til I got my camera out and started taking photos, then came back with vampire masks on. So yes I say its all bloody connected. And I’m not paranoid.  So if these ones want to get in the bloody roof, I tell you I’ll fucking be up there also. If they want to be smart out the bloody front, I’ll fucking be out there also. Or if any others around here want to beep me all the way down the fucking road when I’m driving, I’ll just turn around and beep them right back down the fucking road.

 I went out the back yesterday morning, the puppy was chewing on something, (Just remembered what he said “I’ll kill your dog”)  I’ve popped the photo on what it is. It’s a can been chopped in half, with pentagram on it or something,  its sharp, have put the fence on as well, as you can see they’re tall, so really doubt if it blew over, they have been put there on purpose.  If she had continued to chew on it and swallowed pieces, well doesn’t need saying does it.  The puppy had that one, my dog has been baited before, last year, different bloody address. So don’t tell me I’m fucking paranoid, delusional or any other fucking thing.

The photos of my T.V.?   I couldn’t look at it or stay in the room, my eyes were burning like mad. You can see the energy coming from it.  Just click on the photo to enlarge. I also have photos and vids of laser use on my dog, in his own bloody yard.

Here are some photos taken of the use of directed energy weapons being used in my home and outside against myself and my dog. My dog has been attacked visciously on a number of occasions. When you get hit by these you will know it.  I also have quite a few videos of these being used. Last night something turned off  in here and IMMEDIATELY the incredible difference in here was totally amazing. There are some nifty little gadgets sickos can buy also, called sonic nausea, these can be put inside someone’s home anywhere, or an adjoining wall, and believe me they are what they say, very small and the person living there won’t have a clue on whats going on, all they will know is that when they are in  there home, or vehicle, yes they can be installed there also, they feel sick etc.. It will be incredibly hard and very uncomfortable for you to stay inside your home. They run just on batteries and are free for anyone to purchase.  Batteries have quite a long life also. Don’t have any of those, then all you need is a magnetron, and Bob’s your uncle, there’s your microwave weapon, to drive someone crazy and eventually cook the fuckers to death. Few ways to get rid of your enemies hey?  Oh by the way, a lot of the symptoms you will get will mimick schizophrenia and panic attacks, etc.  I will edit the photos and explain them to people who know nothing about DEW’s. As you can see a couple were taken in pitch blackness, quite clearlyshow as lasers.  I knew a long time ago, years, that I was not suffering from panic attacks, loved my social life too much, I was being stopped from going anywhere I might enjoy myself, and have FUN. Also stopped from working, after awhile this type of non-stop attacks can eventually lead to panic attacks when the person gets to the stage that they realise going out anywhere they WILL be PUNISHED for it. Zapped and ending up feeling like a stunned bloody mullett. Please click on the photos to enlarge and for explanations.

I have just now been hit badly, there was a crackle in the air in front of me, and a flash of bloody bright light at same time.  My mouth etc is going numb, eyes burning, soon I will probably have palpitations and go numb else where, I am now having trouble with co-ordination.  We are sitting targets at times aren’t we?

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“They’ll Kill My Fuc**ng Dog”?

At 11.45am today there was such a wierd taste in the room, all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe, my tooth stuff started to dissolve in my mouth, mouth started to burn inside, eyes hurting, then my heart started hurting straight away,  then the palpitations started, within an hour I had gastric. NOT a panic attack I add, doesn’t disolve the denture paste. I DO know the difference.  They had said to me going back awhile ago “We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that”.  Actually just before this happened there was a thud on the wall. Not sure if it was internal or external, I think external. I have also got these on video, the noises of them.

This I got told about an hour before “There’s your medication bitch what’s it taste like.”  “That’s whats killing your dog also.” 

Not long after this I got “Go out and I kill your fucking dog”,  SO BE IT CREEP.  I haven’t been out in over 14 months, but  FULLY intend to.   I am putting this on because my dog has been baited before, and also attacked with lasers, which I have on tape.  The day he nearly died when baited, I was looking for a vet on line and they took the vets page of the computer and programmed up a porn movie.

Last night I saw a laser going right through my loungeroom right to where my dog had been sitting, It could only have come from across the road, the angle it came in, about half an hour before that he had started choking and nearly fitting twice.  I wasn’t in the room at the time when I came in it  really scared me badly, I know what they have done before.  They also said last night “Get the bitch again”.

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“Just to show you who’s Boss”

This I got after I was disconnected from the internet again, just to show ME who’s boss, my my, don’t you have a dog you  can push around mate?  60 years old and some pathetic idiot is still trying to show ME who’s boss. That I find comical. I really do. Go work in a nursing home you may be able to throw a few of the oldies there around.  Now that will really prove to the world just how BIG you really are, reckon you’ll get to be a big boss?  I really think you are suffering from delusions, there is a special word for it, grandiose?   Is it?

Have been sitting here tonight trying to watch T.V. the hissing all night has been unreal, but if you go into another room eases off straight away. As I walk out the T.V. room I get “I’m going to keep you away from the T.V.” Now thats a funny kind of tinnitus, isn’t it. Move away from the source and it nearly stops, I’ll bet a lot of people suffering 100_5523from tinnitus would love a cure like that hey?  My walls just gave a poppy click also. I have recorded quite a few of these on video. My gums are burning, and teeth hurting, and my eyes burning as well, its like an internal sunburn.  As these little bitches said one time “We’ll make it very uncomfortable for you”. 

The photo have put on here is taken in my lounge room tonight when this showed up, there are no lights on at all, and no street lights out the front so isn’t that. I have put other photos of lasers  being used inside my home on other posts. Don’t know why the photo has gone where its gone on here, right in the middle, maybe when I submit post may be better. I mean what a joy it is in your own home when you have to play duck for cover etc, and where can I sleep tonight, even though there are 3 bedrooms.  Some nights I have slept in the laundry, (is that being uncomfortable) even then being woken up to light shows  zapping past. Now thats about the tenth or eleventh draft saved, someone writing a book. Yep, thats the twelth one saved.

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More denial of service, my photos remain boring.

These are photos of last nights harassment. They are boring photos, but they go on. Each photo is a different stage of harassment and denial of using my computer, as I said in other posts, exactly the same as my telephone service for years. I mean fuck, what do I do, get on porn sites, kiddy porn etc, would they like that? Not my scene, but am starting to wonder about them. I really am.  How about a few torture vids, now that would really get you bloody high wouldn’t it, you sickos.

With the photos you can read in the bar what I was trying to open up, usually google, ninemsn or wordpress, blogger etc. Vids I don’t watch now, text movies don’t make, they stuffed nero up. Jigsaws hardly ever do now they turn it off half way through. The last photo had just opened wordpress up and a zero was straight away programmed into my password box.  Hadn’t touched a bloody thing. The little cyberstalking fucktard is frantically saving drafts with every new sentence, can easily see why this blog don’t get shown much. Bad English intended.

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Are we having fun yet?

Two disconnections today,  two disconnections tonight, are we having fun yet?  Besides the numerous this page can’t be displayed. Oh well at least you can’t say I have the computer of the hook can you telecom?

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LARGE and SMALL? Oh, all the way Bitch.

I was taking videos every day of the continual harassment of my computer, but now will just take photos, as the vids seeing there are so many of them every day take a lot of space. The photos are from yesterday afternoons harassment on the computer.  I have just been disconnected from the internet. 9.54 AM  Tuesday 24th Feb. Will keep typing the blog out though. One photo is what happens a lot when I try and look at different blogs, I get either this page can’t be displayed, or error messages.  When I try for google or msn most times get this page can’t be displayed, the blank page is my camera software which they have been interferring with. I have copies of about 50-60 vids, showing the non-stop tampering with my computer. Now that was only a SMALL disconnection I gather the next will be a LARGE – please see previous post. 

Yesterday I posted how the night was perfectly normal with none of their radical bullshit, today feel like shit. I have just been sitting here for the last hour waiting for my heart to settle down.  Sorry I’m not going to be your mealy mouth little bitch and crawl up your arses, or have any understanding for your total bloody filthy tactics.  Poor little perpetrators of crime and filth, my heart goes out to you, you destroy peoples lives, lets all understand you and feel sorry for you. The ONLY people who could feel anything like that are potential perps. They haven’t got the fucking guts to speak the truth. When I started blogging on this crap a lot of time the harassment went higher, does that mean I’m just supposed  to sit back say or do nothing to expose the bastards, and they’ll stop? Bullshit…. I mean really, BEING TOTALLY HONEST, can you have ANY understanding for murderers, rapists, pedophiles, can you? I CAN’T. And thats the type of filth they use to carry their gangstalking tactics out to go with other forms of harassment.

They might ease off for awhile,  but THEY DON’T STOP. They can’t. They have too bloody much too hide, to bloody much to lose. And not only that, if we all just sit back and not say anything about them, then its on to the next innocent victims for this SCUM. 

I’m adding this sentence the second time, I just got disconnected again and had typed, <I will continue to blog til I can reconnect again.> The sentence has disappeared, and thats the truth.

These vids are worth checking out just for the quality showing, all of a sudden you can hardly see the bloody things, they were as clear as clear when uploaded, and are very clear on my computer, one was even uploaded again.  check out the t.v.  this one I was asked if I wanted to see sparks, you can see them on this one, comes from the back,  I get hit every day when I go into my backyard, I used to love sitting  out there with a cup of tea with my dog just enjoying it. We don’t get to do that anymore. She said one day   “I just keep firing til I hit you, its an electric gun”.  Just read the side bit as to what they had said. When you get hit by this your lips and mouth goes numb, your head starts to humm, and it affects your heart.

Have a couple, one I’ll put on of someone bashing on the back fence which makes my dog go running up and down and barking.  A message I got the other day was “I’m going to tell everyone my kids are scared of your dog”.  WHAT, now my dogs ferocious, but of course, he’s a good watchdog and lets me know when anyone is hanging around.  But I know one thing when some little mongrels (yes children) sat throwing sand in his eyes for 5 minutes, he sat there and just took it. I cried when I got to him, and tried to get the sand out of his eyes. They were red for a few days. Now bitch start telling the truth, spread it around how people should be scared of your mongrels instead, and to keep animals away from them, for the safety of the animals,  and a couple of your bloody kids are teens.

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Well, last  night went perfect, not a bloody thing went on. Just a NORMAL night of sleep like every person should be entitled to.  Woke feeling like you should feel after a nights sleep.  Refreshed from proper sleep, no sleep deprivation tactics or anything else.  No RADICAL  bullshit. My dog was very restless all night though, do remember that, this morning he has gastric, yesterday I had it. I knew he was due for it, because in the last 10 years this is exactly how it has been, and we don’t eat the same food. First one way and then the other way, with everything, oh I lie, its longer than bloody 10 years. One time in East Perth it was a small cut in the flywire of my loungeroom window, the next night it was a large one. This is just put here to show the pattern thats followed. Religiously.

(Actually that jogs the old memory quite a bit. The letter I got back from Telecom (Australia that is)  stated that there had been both large and small outages, there I still remember the word they used, on my phone services. That one was only one of the 7-8 reasons they gave for phones that didn’t work.  LARGE and SMALL outages. It would be one phone out one day and then the next the next day, and so on the rest of the week, month, year.)

Actually the last time I saw the lawyer? he said to me  “Maybe we should get both Telecom and the police in here. Should have happened, I wonder why it didn’t.  Instead what happened was I was stalked out of my home of 11 years and onto the streets.  Knocked out and burglarised of all my personel papers, money,  to add a bit more to it. Then at a later date my vehicle to go with it. This after being told  the night before it disappeared, “Teach the Cu*t a lesson”. I mean really, how many lessons do they teach cu*t’s,  (oh and what do you have to do to be classified a cu*t, slut, and bitch)  Not a bloody thing.

I’m a bit suprised the hits on here have never been a bit higher than what they are, for months it was about 1 a day two if lucky. I mean who doesn’t like a story of torture and slow kill, especially when it is total reality, my guess is most people  if they knew the truth would be pretty appalled. But as with a lot of stalking victims, the  whole truth of the matter  NEVER really gets out properly.  They most time get classified delusional etc.  Some blogs I’ve come across regarding the same sort of thing going on in their lives, I quite often wondered why some of them came to an abrupt ending, they’ve  never blogged again.  Guess now don’t wonder so much, I’d say one of two reasons. One they’d be locked away in a mental institution, two they’d be dead. Just my thoughts on it.

So as I’ve said before, if you get knocked out while asleep and robbed, your vehicles stolen, not just one I add, other times brake fluid let out, not just once I also add, vehicles vandalised numerous times, your rent money stolen three fortnights in a row, home damage, home invasion, fires lit at your doors, with a thousand other things thrown in also, just remember your a delusional, paranoid idiot and none of it ever really happened, pretty clever hey? Your stalker or stalkers, WILL continue to get away with it.

Why did I have such a good night? Because of what I wrote on the blog last night about what kind of night it would be. This morning? Different story.  They love doing the opposites, just like with the flywire screen and everything else.

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We have the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake up-Part 2

Well have added these photos, they are of the constant harassment every day and night on my computer. This goes on ALL the time. I had years and years and years of this with my telephone services, every one of them and this  is a fucking repeat. Who the FUCK do they think they are???  Constant interference on absolutely every single thing I try and do on my computer. If I try and play a game it is frozen up, if I try and do a jigsaw it is taken off once I get to half way through. If I try and watch a vid it is stopped every 3 seconds.  A draft is constantly being fucking saved the whole time I am typing this out. Cyberstalking fucking idiot. Now are we really going to try and say the telephone interference for decades and  this computer interference, a carry on, are NOT connected?  BULLSHIT.  I made a text movie up on windows movie maker, don’t think they liked it, so the file is now missing for that one, when I used to play games they took  java off and I couldn’t get it back on. Now can’t get the file on no matter how many times re upload it. It won’t work.  Going back to the early blogs you will see what they used to do with my telephones.  My phone when I walk past it the face flickers and it clicks, I put the vid on you tube.

The heading of this blog is what these filthy cretin bitches said.  I am totally sure they can, being the bloody filth they are.  That was said after I put the blog on “Is it denial of life also”. This morning when I woke up it felt like they had been  having a bloody good try, my head was buzzing like crazy and I was totally disorientated. I didn’t wake til 11.40am, haven’t done that since I’ve been here.  I woke at 5.20am, with the foulest taste in my mouth I remember that,  and felt like my mouth and inside of my nose was burning, but felt so sleepy just went straight back to sleep.  All my life is at the moment is video-ing every bit of bloody harassment thats going on, which is most of the bloody time, and trying to get my fucking computer to fucking work.  Oh and ducking the fucking lasers etc, past blogs show photos of them, and vids on you tube also show the flying bloody projectiles I have to duck if I think I have the fucking gall to go out into my garden, or if my dogs think they have the fucking gall to want to go out there also. Its their yard and its my garden and I ask no one for the right to a life. Just so they can cover their filth. The two photos of the t.v. is when things are ok in here and when they’re not. There was no movement of the camera and no flash used. There’s a hell of a difference,  just look back a blog or two and see the disgusting amount of energy coming from the t.v. no wonder my eyes were burning like mad. It was coming right out from the t.v. into the bloody room.

Well the third lot of neighbours in as many months moved out from the adjoining half  of house yesterday and today.  3 different lots of neighbours in 3 and half months, wow. Now have just gone out the front with my camera, there’s a lot of noise from an empty house,  which isn’t strange with that place, each time it has been empty on different occasions have heard someone in there, and mice etc don’t wear shoes or boots, one time I heard a table or something being pulled right next to the wall adjoining this room, and I heard someone say “I dropped it” as there was a thump, a female. Have also heard them in the roof on my side of the house, my dog heard them first, when there were people living there, have taped that, but didn’t get all the noise. Strange, so is the amount of tenants moving in and out. Just my view on it anyway.

End of todays blog, if I wake in the morning so be it, if I don’t, come up with a bloody good fucking reason why not. And leave my fucking computer alone.  That’s a photo of my computer, a lot of energy in the room. The instalation wizard for msn shortcut was put on my computer through the night, the date for my albums is changed to sort by name after every time I use it, the file for nero was taken off, when tried to flock an article, came up with, can’t do it operation aborted.  Believe me this is just a very few of the everyday things. It doesn’t

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We’ve got the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake up.

“We’ve got the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake up”  This is a message I got today, this afternoon, when I  had a lay down, not something I normally do in the day time. I am sitting here typing this my heart hurts so much, and is thumping so much.  I have just been atacked so badly just after 5pm, Deal or no deal is on, I never miss this, but every day am attacked if I want to watch it. I know of no medical condition that is on a timer. My list of tags has again been taken off. So I have to type them in again. This is the second time it has happened in the last few days.  I must remember not to double up the tags and categories  otherwise WordPress don’t put your blog on for the public. “You can have them” some bitch says as they just got put back on my page here. This I swear. Yesterday  morning  early about 1am there was a huge thump in my ceiling inside the roof. Just like someone had dropped something, I did not imagine hearing this and NIETHER  did my dog.  Am I truly supposed to believe this came from a satellite, and not from the correct source.

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Taken from 11 th Feb.  “A few more zaps and she’ll be dead”. 

 Midnight I got hit really bad, nearly ended up on the floor,  so guess they’re working on their few more zaps.  I’m not that much of an idiot to think its not true.  So yeah I still wish every bit of harm possible to the scum involved in this and every member of their families. Someone said to me that not all gangstalkers are involved in the electronic harassment, I couldn’t give a damn, anyone who signs up for gangstalking is a piece of filth. No matter what level they are on, they are still the filth of the earth. As the arsonist was referred as “a mass murderer,” so is this scum. 

The computer interference over the last few days has been totally unbelievable.  EVERY single thing I try and do on it, is interferred with, slowed down, taken off, or just plain denial of service.  Today they have been at my camera software on it all the time. Before I left my unit in East Perth, this is exactly how my telephone services were. Bloody unbelievable.  They said to me  subliminally, V2S, (voice to skull) yes it does exist and has been around for decades, “You could have lived, you could have booked yourself in”.  I have to be delusional and mentally sick to let this shit hide its filth?  Get stuffed.

In 1986 I saw a lawyer in Perth re my trouble with my phones. Telecon sent back a letter, giving    not one reason, but 7 or 8 different reasons as to why my phones weren’t working. Really one would have been sufficient, they didn’t have to cover everything in their books to stay on the safe side. Not only did they bullshit about that, but while I was in the lawyers office they told him  they had checked my phone while I was with him, and I had it off the hook.  I have never left my phone off the hook, and I was actually with someone who had left my unit with me, and could verify it wasn’t off the hook. Another of their lies that fell through the crack. They also sent out a letter stating I would have no more problems, that lasted one day. Why have I put this on again?  Because what is happening with my computer is identical to my phone services, denial of service.  For what reason? Maybe because years ago I complained about the phone service I didn’t have. There sure as hell isn’t any other reason.  So since 1986, when telecom told me about Radical Island, hope you find it on the map, I couldn’t, there has been nothing but harassment. In everything.

I put these photos on again, my eyes burn and hurt like crazy when I watch T.V.   Is this also denial of service with my T.V.  Fuck, is this denial of service with LIFE?  energy

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energy-tv2This information is taken from Peter Moorings site. I think it explains some things very well. This is exactly what happens to people all around the world. Yes, Australia to,  we’re not exempt. The first paragraph, most of them never knowing,  so true, false heart attacks and strokes, cancer, diabetes, breakdown of internal organs,  M.E and C.F.S. the list goes on. The photo is of my T.V.



Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened.


Some words to the (gang) stalkers and people cookers: you are murderers


What you are doing is trying to cause the (physical or mental) death of a person. This is called premeditated murder meaning that you are a murderer. What would you do if they did this to you? Probably you would commit suicide, this is what most targets do, I know this because I almost was there but managed to recover despite your terror.

Every day in your country people are murdered this way by you and your criminal friends. But your friends are not your friends, they are just psychopaths following orders. Your friends don’t care about people, your friends don’t care about children, your friends don’t care about you, they would murder their own children if necessary. Did you know that 4% of the population is psychopath?



Often targets also suffer from electronic harassment (are being cooked alive)


Many stalkers do not know that targets often also are being cooked and burned by electronic weapons (weapons based on radio waves; Directed Energy Weapons). Even if they know, they do not want to believe electronic torture probably is the most horrible torture method ever existed. In may cases the target is cooked alive 24/7, cooked like a microwave oven cooks meat. Through walls, and by devices illegally mounted in their cars, when walking in the streets, when in the swimming pool, everywhere. High power electronic weapons (HPM = High Power Microwave) can cook a body, a heart, with the results being gall, painful burning sensations on back, chest, stings in the head, in the eyes, attacks on other body parts like heart, kidneys, ankles, beams cooking the inside of a person causing fluids to evaporate resulting in burping and farting within seconds, etc.



Electronic harassment = people cooking, (sub-vocal) mind reading


The people cookers press the buttons of their electronic weapons 24/7 making the US prison at Guantanamo Bay look a holiday resort. The people cookers burn and cook the target to prevent sleeping, react to events caused by the target (like walking into the living room, putting a new website on the computer screen), react to events noticed by the target (like cars passing by, neighbors leaving their homes or arriving), but also they will cook the target at specific moments to make the target look crazy to other people. Most attacks are from neighbor houses. The sick network however follows targets everywhere to make life as horrible as possible everywhere e.g. by blocking traffic at junctions, high power cooking during sports (running, swimming, etc.), during sexual activities, during visits to stores, etc




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“Ahm Just Doing Ma Job”.

Their attacks over the last few days have been non-stop, both with the computer interference and physical, V2S  and mental attacks. The hissing has been on now non-stop also over the last few days.  Tinnitus, doesn’t ease off just because you change rooms, if it does there’s a new miracle cure for it. Hissing you get from directed energy weapons aimed at you. Or as the evil pathetic bitch said “Ahm just doing ma job”.  (Must be close.) 

I have put 2 videos on youtube, one shows sparks in my car, just after pulling out of my driveway, and the other there is sparks in my room. These photos are of my T.V. and the energy coming off it.  Wouldn’t want to have power surges too would you.  My eyes burn and my hair falls out like anything.  WE HAVE NO ONE WE CAN REPORT THIS TO?  Coupled with the use of directed energy weapons, lasers etc, this is torture and murder.  In a civilised country?

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A Few More Zaps And She’ll Be Dead.

(I have just taken these photos off the video I just took regarding the DAILY occurrence of disconnections etc, guess must have about 60-70 of these vids. Just a continuation of the telephone harassment I had for decades. For what reason? NONE.)

A  message I got yesterday. How sick they are. I have an appointment today, so naturally the attack all morning has been on.  Especially seeing its at a doctors.  Last night got “Your not going to the doctors” hence the attacks. Going back awhile ago got  “No doctors, no optometrists”.  They are rather scattered as previously they said “Maybe next time you’ll book yourself in, you might have stayed alive”.

Now regarding the medical appointment today, have had it today in here, their attacks, where should I expect it out there today.

Have just been disconnected again from the internet, exactly the same time as subliminal message “I’m getting of your computer”.  Now there is no network.  Kinda funny how exactly the same time they say that, INSTANTLY  it goes off.  Just had a click in the wall maybe should try connecting again. Also have quite a few videos recording their clicks.  The place I lived at before, the T.V. would click and the computer would work, or the computer would click and the T.V. would then work, smart fuckers aren’t they. No, still not connecting. This happens regularly on a daily basis, I have taken SO many videos of it, 48 were taken in a 4- 5 day period just last week.  AN EXACT DUPLICATE OF MY TELEPHONE SERVICES YEARS AGO THAT WENT ON FOR YEARS.  ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE WHAT-SO-EVER.  “You can type it out but your not getting it on”  Love their twisted power games don’t they. Now have just clicked on tags categories, and all my tags have been removed off here so will have to type them in again.  Nothing changes. Well they found there network after an hour.

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Control and control freaks.

I have put some videos on here that are on youtube. Most are a minute or less in length.  The different tactics used in controlling a persons life.

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More Evidence of Non-Lethal Weapons being used.

Non-Lethal?   These weapons are as lethal as Hell.     the noise stops straight away

And again     once again the noise stops straight away Did I Deafen Them  v=uw1JnH0pGyE&feature=channel_pagecaizwt6f-stopI uploaded a photo, its quite funny, but it hasn’t worked will try it on another post. Ah well now it comes on, after writing that.

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The laser from no where.

Just sitting out the front last night trying to escape the heat wave and constant attacks over the last couple of days, taking some photos of a satellite above. This one seemed to just come right in front of me.  If you look back a couple of posts back you will also see the photo of the one coming right through my loungeroom window right at my head and face, I was lucky to catch it. I do believe this is the one that burns the top of my head a lot and neck. Its no good saying lasers don’t burn or hurt, that is just a pile of crap. Believe that when your picking the scabs of your head from the burns, after you wake up.

. Plenty of videos on you tube which shows quite clearly the use of them burning through tape, lighting matches and candles, burning meat, used on people, etc ,etc.  I also have photos of a laser on the blind in my back room, shining right at the spot I normally sit at my computer. Not to forget the photos of laser use on my dog.    (homemade microwave gun)

another way to take care of someone (if you are  a sick demented fuck).  This is a nifty little tool, you can just sit in  your home if you like and cook and slowkill your neighbours through the wall.  Or out in your car. Incredibly easy to do, no brains required, you only need a microwave.  Its called the perfect crime, why perfect? So hard to prove, no real tell tale outer evidence,  just kills people from the inside out. Breakdown of body system- organs, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, loss of hair, eyesight, etc etc.  These weapons aren’t available in Australia, thats why the majority of people with one, make their bloody own. So they might not be available, but they are sure as hell used. What happens to the victims of these weapons if you try and report this? You are classified paranoid or schizophrenic. What a perfect crime.  What happens to the criminals using them?  Sweet F.A. Laughing all the way to murder, and then on to, I quote their passage “Lets find some other Cu*t to waste”. Whats being done about this crime?  Sweet Fuck All, unless your a pilot, or soccer player or such, then its a different story, your not a nut case at all, and it makes the headlines and makes money.  You may read about one, two, or such murders a week, someone shot someone, someone knifed someone,  how many don’t we read about? And nor will we ever read about them. Why?  Because it “doesn’t” happen!!! Not to the general Joe Blow public, like hell. 

When we had to rely on guns and knives etc for our crimes, there was a good chance of being caught and prosecuted, keeping the amount of crime down.  This kind of crime is a huge plus for anyone who thought of committing but was scared of being caught. The perfect method of torture and murder, little likelihood of being caught or investigated. The murder rate will sky rocket, the closet murderers are out of the closet, but it won’t be classified as murder, except death from natural causes, such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer (which they cause), etc, etc.

Welcome to the real world people.


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