Posted by: whatsyrproblem | January 23, 2010

On Harrassment.

I haven’t blogged on here for awhile, I had to call the doctor out, I had “chemical pneumonia” which have been getting over. Now the cretins are trying for a second lot of it.

Rather amazing that chemical pneumonia is caused by insecticides, which was exactly what I had been blogging about tasting in here. I feel fairly certain my dog had it also, as listened to his breathing and his lungs were making a lot of noise also.

They said they now have a new way of getting me out of here. For over a day and half there was a non stop hissing noise going on, you had to keep leaving the room, otherwise it felt like you were going to have a stroke, numbness of the arm and leg and co-ordination problems. I just took the computer out of the other room I had it in, and STRAIGHT away the “hissing” stopped in there,  but didn’t take too long for it to start in the other room.



  1. Thank you for pointing out that the criminals are using insecticides.

    I believe I know at least one elderly person that the criminals used this substance to kill last year, which was judged as ordinary pneumonia, but more likely chemically induced, now that you pointed it out.

  2. Hi Joohn, I would make a bet there’s quite a few people killed this way and others which never comes to light. They get away with it, simply.

  3. My issues started 3 years ago.I know they have been under the house mainly between the dry walls a.They use actual issues in your life to confuse you.The whole street is involved.I believe mail has been sent telling lies about me which creates the gang mentality.Freemasons are involved because I grew up with a high ranking mason .He would be grandmaster now

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