Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 5, 2010

The Heat is On?

I haven’t posted on here for quite awhile, the harassment has been on fully.  There has been a non stop hissing all the time in here, and they’ve started it in the car, which they said they would.  Chemical taste through here most of the time also.

I am being knocked flying by something, and being told if I go into my home again they will “nuke” me each time.  Which they have been doing.  Now not only in my home but in my car as well. The feedback is unreal, “Your cars mine, your homes mine”,  etc etc.  Being told “I taught you a lesson”,   Oh for what?    The kitchen at times is unbelievable, I walk into it ok, and within seconds I am knocked flying and end up down on the floor, I was told “If you want a coffee, crawl across the floor and get one.”

So I’m being taught a lesson, and also how to crawl across the floor like a what, a dog? and get my coffee.   I am well and truly being forced out of my home, I sleep outside most times.  It is too uncomfortable to be inside, and I’m not claustrophobic in my own home.   I started doing my art again, but that soon came to an end,  with comments from them like “You can’t paint if your blind”,   “You can’t paint if your dead”, and also “Paint and your   Z*****na  and you have a stroke”.  Which was what was nearly happening each time.  Their last lot of filth was “Now your not even looking at any art”.

I just went for a drive in my car,  I am feeling like I have been cooked, really. My head is so hot and uncomfortable.


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