This blog is about harassment. Telecom harassment for many many years. Its about denial of service on just about everything. Its about a side of life most people just don’t see or would believe could happen in this fair country of ours Australia. Really its about that side of life you don’t want to be on the receiving end of.



  1. if you’re interested, we have a group who’s getting together to try and stop this madness. we’re located on the blog listed.

    be well

  2. Hi Parda my name is holly i live in a town called Katanning west Australia i am also a victim of thes henis crimes, i have also got hours of video recordings of the light in my bedroom changing spectrum and moving around, i have had the microwave V2S as well as there artificial telepathy ballshit 24/7, I now have 2 good friends i met on the piecepink and mind control sight from Australia that i talk to over the phone this has made life a lot better being able to talk and shear whats happening to us with some one who believes, would love to have contact from you Regards Holly

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